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Yōkoso ようこそ

Welcome to OOMI Japan

All along the routes we visit we have established strong connections to the places and with the people. We capture it all, with time to reflect. We make our ideal trips to Japan an opportunity for connection and create a close rapport with all we encounter. 

Adventure into the unknown with our gentle introduction. It is difficult to navigate a new world, assaulted by an explosion of the senses, we provide points of reference so that you can get your bearings. Step lightly off the beaten track, we will make it accessible, always sensitive to the necessary requirements. 

Relax into your experience, abandon fears for the sense of freedom. We will be the guiding and discerning voice at hand, the gentle touch on your elbow. Accept these moments of novelty, excitement, and joy, these are the rewards from discovering hidden gems. 

Our earliest adventures visiting Japan from our native Ireland prompted us to set up our travel company Unique Japan Tours, which in turn has led us to establish the Oomi Travel Group, offering global travel to guests from all over the world. 

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Uncover the ways and wonders of a land that honours the splendour of our solar star. Legends indicate the origin represented in the national flag of a rising sun. An archipelago of over six thousand islands form an arc in the Pacific Ocean while the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea separate Japan from the Asian continent to the west.

Blend modern with a sense of aesthetics and pride of work, the result is cool and cultured. Rooted in excellence of rich traditions, superb talent, and cutting-edge technology.  Exquisite local cuisine is served in a setting of impeccable hospitality. A sustainable approach coexist with nature visible in stunning landscapes. The geographic variety brings a great diversity of destinations and activities. 70% of the land is covered in forests that boasts dozens of national parks. Japan’s various cities and regions offer everything from snowy mountainside ski resorts to coral reef-ringed islands, with large metropolitan areas and charming rural villages.

Mention Japan and sights like cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, or high tech cars and bullet trains, or wacky inventions like karaoke and vending machines come to mind. See how cultural values like politeness and punctuality play into daily life. See the epicentre of popular anime and manga. Visit the many futuristic cities, fantastical castles, tranquil temples and zen gardens.  Taste mouth-watering food like ramen, sushi and Kaiseki meals. Any visit continues to inspire visitors for generations. Embrace contrast and discover joy as you glimpse unfamiliar Japan.

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