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Celebrate a significant Samurai

Sendai is surrounded by the sea and Mt. Izumigatake with Akiu and Sakunami hot spring retreats nearby. Towering Zelkova trees of green line Jozenji-dori and make it sparkle in winter and glow warm gold in Autumn.



Discover Sendai

Sendai was founded in 1600 by Date Masamune, the “One-eyed Dragon”. His striking black armor and impressive helmet, linger in the form of statues and at the Sendai City Museum. (It is rumored Darth Vader’s in Star Wars movies was inspired by him.)

Zuihoden Mausoleum is his final resting place and Osaki Hachimangu Shrine embody the samurai leader’s luxurious style with exquisite 16th century black and gold Azuchi-Momoyama-style architecture. Renowned both as a skilled warlord in the political and military spheres, and as a highly cultured individual. He restored and modernised Matsushima’s historic buildings, and built lodging facilities to make it easier for people from outside of Mutsu to visit scenic spots around Sendai.

Colourful streamers take over the city during July’s, Sendai Tanabata Festival when the star-crossed lovers, Altair and Vega are separated by the Milky Way, and can only meet on one night a year. In Japan, these two stars are called Orihime and Hikoboshi. people wear vivid yukata (summer kimono) for the fireworks display from Nishi Koen Park along the Hirose River on the night before the festival.

Musicians fill the streets with sound during the Jazz Festival in September and dancers and drum beats in October with Yosakoi Dance Festival, mid December sees the Pageant of Starlight to brighten dark nights with a Tunnel of Illumination.

Hirose River separates the old Aoba Castle historic site from downtown. Visit Kokubuncho, Sendai’s nightlife district packed with over 2,500 bars and restaurants. Indulge in Hosoya’s Sandwich, possibly Japan’s oldest hamburger restaurant, still serving up classic American-style burgers to this day. Gyutan, is the local specialty and a must-try for meat-eaters to taste the flavoursome grilled beef tongue. For dessert try Zunda, a sweet green soybean paste that appears in mochi and parfaits.



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