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Gardens and Galleries

Sense the Seasons

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Sense the Seasons

Gardens and Galleries

  • Duration
    14 Days
  • Best Time to Go
    Apr, May, Jul, Sep, Nov
  • Tour Type
    Small Group Tour
  • Aprox. Price
    €6,800 PP

A journey of horticultural richness, full of hands-on cultural experiences, a discovery of top-secret spots, infamous gardens, and zen. Visit supreme art galleries, spiritual sights, and culture at preserved UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Delve deeper into the concepts, creation, and range of styles of the remarkable Japanese garden with award-winning garden experts. Capture highlights as April brings cherry blossoms, May is floral filled with peony & water Iris, amazing autumn colours of fall rusts, and magic red spider lilies.

Experience Naoshima Island with the beautiful backdrop of natural ecology as a setting for contemporary art and architecture. At Sandankyo immerse yourself in the forest with an innate awareness of the good that comes from time spent in the grandeur of nature. With sheer cliffs, primitive forests, tiered waterfalls, and clear streams, each section is another landscape painting in waiting.

Delve deeper into the concepts, creation, and range of styles of the remarkable Japanese garden. Including those that best exemplify the three main types of Japanese gardens: tea gardens, sand & stone gardens, and promenade gardens. Discover how to design the ideal space for strolling, sifting sand, seeing sitting stones, and sipping tea. 

Visit one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, Okayama Garden, and more gardens in Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto, and Shimane.

  • Deluxe

€ 6,800 PP

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