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Expansive and Energetic

Hokkaido wows in winter and feels spacious in summer, for precious experiences in the expanse of nature to feel excitement and calmness as one. Wild and unspoiled with pristine lakes, lush forests, barren volcano, and magnificent mountain ranges. 

Discover Hokkaido

A late Spring comes as the snow melts, Hokkaido blooms as green fields spread across the land. Blooms add more colour as cherry blossoms appear in the second half of May. The last mountain snows melt to begin a summer of lavendar and green season sports. Stroll, hike or mountain bike, golf, raft and more, this is a great time to frolick in the sun. During the few weeks of Hokkkaido’s short Fall find foliage along the streets and admire the vista in national parks. Sample the seasonal produce freshly harvested, and wait for the snow to begin the fall. Winter makes for powder snow, after a fresh snowfall glide down the slopes.

A final frontier of youthful energy, open and innovative. Unencumbered by the weight of strict customs, discover entrepreneurial spirit in cute cafes, wineries, bakeries and luxurious locations for fine dining.

A winter wonderland to melt into the silence of nature. A summer haven to refresh in rich vegetation. See breathtaking blossoms and ramble through fields of flowers. In fall, feast on rich colours in forests of bright reds, oranges and yellows.

Be mesmerised in Biei as the Blue Pond beams in beauty. A mystical pond, known to transition between various shades of blue throughout the seasons. Take a helicopter tour over the forest of Erimo Town, to view Lake Toyoni which boasts a heart-shaped lake, surrounded by all the warm coloured leaves of fall.

In central Hokkaido the principal city of Sapporo blends urban with nature for days filled with fun and leisure. Find over 1.9 million people in the youngest major metropolis built with external input to make the city grid like similar to in other countries. The Sapporo Snow Festival, with its giant snow and ice sculptures, attracts thousands of visitors every year. From New Chitose Airport to Sapporo Station, Odori Park, and Susukino nightlife. Visit nearby Jozankei hot springs and the cute Otaru coastal town caught in time. Relax at serene Lake Shikotsu, or visit new wineries in Yoichi or the old whiskey distillery in Nikka.

Step out of Asahikawa or Memambetsu airports to breathe in the pristine and icy air and venture on to untouched locations surrounded in silence. Exist in a natural space of pure white snowscapes.

The East faces the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific featuring the impressive Lake Akan and Lake Mashu. Trek through truly untouched nature at a World Heritage Site in the Shiretoko National Park. Learn more about the Ainu, Japan’s indigenous people through performances and workshops held at the Lake Akan Ainu Kotan Cultural Center. With a deep respect for nature and belief that God is found everywhere. A heritage of hunting, fishing and foraging, and in creating beautiful objects crafted for daily use such as knives and clothing.

An especially delightful destination in winter, when experiences extend to ice fishing, snowshoeing, igloo building and relaxing in the drift ice.  Cruise the Shiretoko Peninsula slowly to see the abundant wildlife in action. See Brown bears coasting the land from open air decks with the wind on your face. Shocking sulphuric smells permeate the town of Rausu. Famous for hot springs since in 1783, soak, dine on superb seafood, and lift sake cups in a glorious landscape.

The word on wine – A terrific terroir of black soil, rich and full of alluvium means Hokkaido now produces limited batches of premium wines. Wide stretches of vines cover meadows and slopes of Yoichi Town, located between Otaru and Shakotan Peninsula. A burgeoning wine hotspot. Taste organic straightforward wines made with determination, precision and finesse. Expect varied aromas for crisp appetising whites and mouthwatering reds. Visit and stay at Niki Hills Vineyards, or stop by Mongaku Valley Winery for field blended white wines. Discover a fine a Pinot Gris from Domaine Mont, or a pale coloured Pinot Noir with Umami flavours at Domaine Takahiko.

In Hokkaido, find and taste regional and seasonal flavours of softcream. Soft served whipped ice cream with a more succulent taste from richer milk with a 4% higher fat content. Discover a myriad of flavours; starting with the plain vanilla at a Trappist Monastery, vanilla, lavender and melon at Farm Tomita, moss phlox at Takinoue Park, Japanese soda at  Blue Pond, salt at Roadside Rest Area “Misogi-no-sato Kikonai” or a Machimura Farm sunday, Matcha and sakura, or Le Tao softcream.

Travel by train to witness the railway scenery.

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