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Rejuvenated and a monument to peace

A phoenix-like city, now vibrant, rises from ashes as a poignant reminder of peace. Host to serene gardens, pancake parties and parks. Beyond the city go through forests to explore more curious towns.

Discover Hiroshima

A phoenix-like city, now vibrant, rises from the hot ashes as a poignant reminder of peace. Add in some traditional pancakes, a baseball park and gardens. As towns through forests await to explore more.

Infamous site of an atomic bomb. Memorial Peace Park is home to countless memorials and the iconic Atomic Bomb Dome. Shukkei-en garden is well worth an afternoon stroll, with a number of tea houses dotted about the grounds. Notable attractions go on with Hiroshima Castle and the baseball stadium.

Taste a comfort food you will crave again in the infamous Okonomiyaki, a savoury pancake batter with the ingredients of your choice, cooked before your eyes.

More than a momentous monument to peace, the Seto Inland Sea inroads to Hiroshima with rejuvenated dense forests. Quaint towns like Onomichi and Tomonoura enjoy hot springs. Visit Takehara for historic architecture and great sake. The floating red torii gates to Itsukushima are located in nearby Miyajima.

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