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UJT Celebrates 10 Years Planning Holidays to Japan

2017 marks the 10th Anniversary for Darina Slattery (Founder/Director of Unique Japan Tours) and her dedicated team of Japan travel experts. Since establishing the connection between Japan and Ireland in 2007, she set ‘Japan Ireland Travel’ initially. This focused on providing travel arrangements to the inbound Japan-Ireland market, and outbound Ireland-Japan market. It wasn’t long before demand picked up from other markets (UK, US, Canada, Australia, etc.) so the Japan-bound tours were rebranded to Unique Japan Tours. “The growing demand for holidays to Japan has meant lots of changes in the marketplace with suppliers and hotels. Occupancy is at an all time high in the major cities with lots of new experiences to share with our foreign markets. Despite these market challenges, we are proud to maintain our affordable entry level tour itineraries that we believe cater for all types of budgets when travelling to Japan”. Darina Slattery, Founder & Director of Unique Japan Tours.