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Osaka VS Hiroshima – Which Okonomiyaki Style do you like?

Roughly speaking, Osaka-style okonomiyaki mixes the ingredients with the dough, while Hiroshima-style places the ingredients on the crepe-like dough.

In Hiroshima style, you put ingredients on a round crape. It features to use bean sprout and noodle.

In Osaka style, noodles and bean sprout are not used and the ingredients are mixed well with though.


Oh my, this article makes me very hungry just by writing!


Which is better?

Both have great charm, but the characteristic is the difference in texture.

The texture of Osaka-style Okonomiyaki  is mainly dough. The moist taste is attractive.

On the other hand, Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki mainly has cabbage and bean sprouts. The taste of the vegetables steamed between the dough and the crispy feeling come into your mouth at the same time.

Regarding taste, it is hard to choose–it will depends on your taste.


Battle of Osaka VS Hiroshima

Osaka and Hiroshima are insisting on they are orignator of Okonomiyaki one other.
General Japanese people distinguish the one in Osaka as just “Okonomiyaki” and the one in Hiroshima as “Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki” but people in Hiroshima get angry when they hear it . For people in Hiroshima, “Okonomiyaki” is the one in Hiroshima and the one in Osaka is “Osaka-style Okonomiyaki”.

This topic is deeply rooted issue, so it is better not to talk about it to Osaka and Hiroshima people.