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‘Traditional & Tropical Japan’ Travel Talk

‘Traditional & Tropical Japan’ Travel Talk

Thursday, October 01, 2020 @ 11.00 & 19.00 Dublin/London [GMT+1]

Duration: 1-Hour

Our team at Unique Japan Tours were delighted to conduct their 3rd Webinar of the season, with special guest speakers from Kyoto & Amami Ooshima in Kagoshima Prefecture (Ryukyu Islands). This webinar will give you a colourful insight into everyday life in Kyoto explained by a local. Tetsuya-san will give you a summary of the history, best places to see depending on the season, and a taste of what you can expect while visiting this magnificent Unesco World Heritage city. Our local guide in Amami Ooshima, one of our favourite Ryukyu Islands located in the Pacific Ocean, (not too far from Okinawa) will pop in to say hello. Amami Ooshima is a tropical paradise famous for its unspoilt nature, tropical rain forests, magnificent clear blue seas/skies/beaches, and sumptuous fresh food. Being just a 2.5 hour flight from the mainland (Tokyo or Osaka), it is the perfect way to add peace and tranquility to your trip of a lifetime in Japan. Other islands to be discussed by UJT members will be Ishigaki & Taketomijima, two additional tropical paradises on the Ryukyu chain of islands.

Panel, Topics & Webinar Recordings:

Mr Tetsuya Kawabata, Official Tour Guide in the Ancient capital and center for all things cultural, Kyoto. 

UJT Traditional & Tropical Webinar 1st October – Kawabata San’s Presentation from Unique Japan Tours on Vimeo.


Mr Akio Sugioka, Official Nature Guide in the tropical island of Amami Ooshima.

UJT Traditional & Tropical Webinar 1st October – Sugioka San’s Presentation from Unique Japan Tours on Vimeo.


Mr Hokuto Horikawa, Senior Travel Consultant at Unique Japan Tours explaining two relevant tours:

10 minutes: Questions & Answers

Moderator: Ms Mizuki Kamakura (Unique Japan Tours)