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Summer Games 2021 Dates, Tickets & Tours

2021 DATES:

Tokyo Summer Games July 23 – August 8, 2021 (See Schedule*)

Paralympic Games will be August 24 – September 5th, 2021 (See Schedule*)

*Schedules listed are for 2020 calendar. Updates not available yet.


Authorized ticket resellers are appointed in each country, each with their own website and release schedule.

Please check who your country’s official Olympic Ticket reseller is via the link below;



Unique Japan Tours programme for Summer Games 2021 will offer well balanced itineraries allowing free time for viewing the games you have tickets for, while not missing out on Japan’s must see places Kyoto, the historical Hiroshima, magnificent Miyajima Island, and mega metropolitan Tokyo (to name but a few). Check out our list of Tokyo Summer Games 2021 available tours here.