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Launching Three New Incredible Tours in Japan

Our Japan travel experts have been busy researching and planning several exciting new tours in Japan. With literally decades of experience living in Japan and having travelled on many travel industry “familiarisation trips,”  we are very confident in every detail of what we are offering on these exciting new tours.

1) SHIKOKU SECRETS – 13 Nights / 14 Days 

Transverse Shikoku’s enchanting and spirited landscapes from coast to countryside via islands in the inland sea. Beginning with Kyoto’s serene dawn and ending with Tokyo’s dynamic dusk, this 2-week tour is paved with cultural treasures, exciting adventures, and architectural marvels.

This tour is for the culturally curious and physically active traveler and offers a blend of adventure and tranquility, connecting Japan’s ancient heritage with its natural beauty. Revel in luxurious stays in traditional ryokans and coastal glamping (luxurious camping) on a beach on the inland sea, and immerse yourself in cultural escapades, including cycling, rafting, paper-making workshops, zen meditation, and hiking samurai trails.


2) WONDERS OF THE WEST – 20 Nights / 21 Days 

Embark on a grand three-week odyssey through Japan’s western heartlands and unveil a mosaic of rich cultural traditions and natural scenic beauty. From the hushed reverence of Kyoto’s temples to the mysterious ancient forest paths on the stunning tropical island of Yakushima, your Japan discovery awaits!

Witness the ancient and modern harmoniously coexist, as you traverse through cities of historical resonance. Experience unique Japanese arts and crafts in places less visited. Meet the masters of ancient Japanese crafts: kimono weavers and Japanese sword makers, among others. Relax in soothing onsens and savour local delicacies at carefully chosen rural ryokans.


3) HOKKAIDO BLOOMS – 10 Nights / 21 Days 

Embark on a relaxing journey, witnessing the colourful transformation of Hokkaido’s blooming landscape after a long white winter. Experience lively seasonal festivals, meet with indigenous Ainu people, stay in opulent ryokans, and witness breathtaking national parks worthy of UNESCO World Heritage status.

This immersive tour spans from Sapporo’s dynamic festivals to Shiretoko’s rugged coastline, offering a tapestry of cultural and natural wonders. Relish the fusion of modernity with tradition and rejuvenate amidst the serenity of Japan’s celebrated hot springs and hospitality.