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Geibikei Gorge River Cruise

Geibikei is a ravine (approx. 2km long) on the Satetsu River in the city of Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture. The river is surrounded by soaring cliffs of over 50 meters in height, and peaking at 124 meters, with fanciful rock formations created by erosion and numerous waterfalls.

Enjoy the serene beauty of Geibikei while being serenaded by the drivers of Venetian-style boats. The best way to see the spectacular scenery for yourself is to take a flat-bottomed boat ride along the waters. Men and women propel the boats in much the same way that the gondolas in Venice, are propelled. Drivers point out famous sites along the way and serenade their passengers with a traditional folk song written especially for the occasion.

The gorge is especially picturesque in autumn during “Koyo” or the changing of the leaves. You can buy special food to feed the river carp and ducks along your journey. A 90 min long flatbottomed boat tour along the Geibikei Gorge makes for a great change of pace from modern Japan. Geibikei has been designated a National Place of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument since 1923 and in 1927 it was also selected as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan.