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Reflections on the Launch of our Luxury Travel Brand, Oomi Travel

Unique Japan Tours announced their rebrand to Oomi Travel, a new chapter in their story focusing on the power of storytelling through luxury travel. The official launch event was hosted in the Irish Museum of Literature in Dublin on May 17th, where founder and managing director Darina Slattery recounted the development of her travel brands that have led to Oomi Travel.

From Passion to Luxury Travel: The Birth of Oomi Travel

Darina’s love for Japan began 25 years ago when she visited the country and fell in love with its culture, mystery and beauty. From her background in the hotel business, she knew she wanted to keep Japan in her life and began organising trips between Ireland and Japan. Over the years, her company expanded and rebranded, eventually leading to the creation of Oomi Travel.

Darina Slattery, Founder of Oomi Travel

Darina Slattery, Founder of Oomi Travel

With the pandemic putting a halt to travel, Darina took the opportunity to reflect on her business and its future. She saw the potential in not only continuing to offer luxury travel experiences in Japan but also expanding to other destinations. Darina reached out to Gerard Tannam, Brand Director of IslandBridge, to help create a new brand that would encompass her passion for Japan and the desire to explore new horizons.

Introducing Oomi Travel: Your Luxury Storytelling Guide

Oomi Travel is derived from the name of the magical island where Darina fell in love with Japan, Amami Ooshima. The brand aims to support clients in telling their own stories through one-of-a-kind immersive experiences while traveling. Darina believes that the three pillars of success for Oomi Travel are developing strong relationships with partners, supporting local businesses in the destinations, and providing a premium and trusted service.

Gerard Tannam introduced the concept of Oomi Travel as a “Spirit Guide” that helps travellers explore new worlds with trusted access to local culture. With the guidance of Oomi, travellers can safely enjoy their experiences without committing cultural mistakes, knowing which foods to try, and learning about the culture in a respectful manner.

Gerard Tannam, brand director of Oomi Travel (second from right) and some of Oomi's brand and website design team.

Gerard Tannam, brand director of Oomi Travel (second from right) and some of Oomi’s brand and website design team.

Expanding Destinations and Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Oomi Travel has expanded their destinations and number of carefully tailored itineraries in Japan and Ireland, with plans to add more destinations, including India and Iceland, to their offerings shortly. The launch event concluded with a reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses at a classic Dublin spot featured in the book, exemplifying the immersive storytelling experiences Oomi Travel aims to provide.

Many guests at the event shared their own personal stories of unforgettable trips taken with Unique Tours Japan and looked forward to the future of traveling with Oomi. As the new chapter in luxury travel unfolds, Oomi Travel is poised to help travellers create lasting memories and stories through immersive experiences in bucket-list destinations.›