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Views of Mt Fuji from a Pirate Ship on Lake Ashinoko, Hakone

There are various different vantage points from which to see Mt Fuji, but only on lake Ashinoko can you ride an old wooden pirate ship and be afforded incredible views of Mt Fuji from the comfort of the ship.

Most people allow only 24 or max 48 hours in a resort with views on Mt Fuji like Hakone, but of course clear views of the worlds most famous mountain are not guaranteed. All too often hazy warm weather conditions lead to some a built up of cloud cover over Mt Fuji through the day, so your best chance of getting that epic selfie with Japan’s most beloved mountain is to get up early in the morning, even if it means popping out before breakfast when the skies are clear due to the cool morning air.

A trip to see Mt Fuji features on several of our tours, including our long term all time best selling tour Japan Discovered