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Journey to the East Travel Talk

Check out our recent travel talk with a guest from Hokkaido talking us through the ‘Journey to the East’ small group tour!

This webinar ran through the itinerary of one of our newest small group tours “Journey to the East”. This week-long discovery to the truly unknown and hidden parts of Eastern Hokkaido, featuring Sapporo Snow Festival, Red-Crowned Crane Sanctuary, Lake Akan, Unesco World Heritage Shiretoko Peninsula, and Abashiri Drift Ice Festival & Cruise.


Andrew and Mizuki talked through in detail the unique destinations and experiences that await you in Japan. They were joined live from Hokkaido by Paul Haggart who is a long time Hokkaido resident and travel industry expert.

Special Guest Presenter in Japan – Paul Haggart

Hokkaido’s unspoiled natural beauty makes it a haven for outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts. Among its vast national parks and lakes, you will come across an abundance of wildlife. Its most famous include the symbolic and endangered Red-Crowned Crane, wild bear, red fox, and giant eagles.

Enjoy some coastal explorations in search of dolphins, whales, and sea lions. Visit lakes set in volcano calderas. Learn about the indigenous Ainu people. Relax in open-air hot spring baths. Savour on Japan’s freshest and tastiest seafood and culinary treats. These are just some of the encounters you can expect on this incredible journey through Eastern Hokkaido.

Check out our Journey to the East tour page to learn more about the incredible off the beaten path small group winter tour!

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