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Tono Farm Homestay

Rural Japan is still alive and well—and in Tono, a small town in the rustic prefecture of Iwate, it’s intimately connected to nature and local history. Here, civilization dates back over two millennia and still maintains an antiquated atmosphere. You’ll find thatched-roof houses in this natural, agrarian setting built on the floodplain of the Sarugaishi River and surrounded by a circle of mountains. Tono is where traditional culture and “old-time country life” lives on among its simply idyllic landscapes. Tono is famous for its folktales, old legends, and mysterious stories that feature spirits, ghosts, and other imaginative creatures like Kappa.

Experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle by doing some work on a real Japanese farm. Try light fieldwork with peanuts, flowers, and vegetables or various other farm tasks depending on the season. In doing so, you make real connections with the farming family and share in their lifestyle.