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‘Tohoku Trails’ Online Travel Talk

‘Tohoku Trails’ Travel Talk

Rewatch one of our most popular online travel talks below where our team of Experts in Japan Travel discusses our brand new Tohoku Trails small group tour.



Guest Speaker: Yohei Sato, Unique Japan Tours

Yohei Sato comes from Fukushima prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan. He has several years of experience in the travel industry and has a deep pride in the cultures and customs in Tohoku. He was thus the perfect person to put together this new Tohoku Trails small group tour. A history fan, Yohei has studied the rich samurai history in Tohoku. He believes many elements of samurai culture are well preserved in the modern-day culture in Tohoku, especially within the farming communities. Join Yohei to learn facts like how children in the Aizu area (featured on this tour) still taught the 7+ samurai rules as part of compulsory education in schools.

Yohei Sato, Japan Travel Expert

Guest Speaker: Andrew Clarke, Unique Japan Tours

Andrew has lived in Japan on and off since he first moved to Tohoku in 2004. He has been producing travel videos featuring Japan and writing travel blog posts for many years. He has experience as a tour leader in Japan and has traveled extensively around the Tohoku region whilst living there himself. Join Andrew as he introduces his former home city and the highlights of the Tohoku region that feature on this tour.

Andrew Clarke, Travel Content Creator

Guest Speaker: Darina Slattery, Founder and Managing Director of Unique Japan Tours

Few people know the travel trade to Japan better than Darina. She will give us an up-to-date report on the Covid situation in Japan and how this is affecting future travel to Japan. She will outline travel booking tips and advice in the context of Covid 19 and she will also outline Unique Japan Tour’s updated (more flexible) booking terms and conditions which aims to greatly reduce any financial risk related to Covid.

Unique Japan Tours Managing Director, Darina Slattery

Unique Japan Tours Managing Director, Darina Slattery


We looking forward to you joining our next travel talk!