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The Kumano Kodo Ancient Hiking Trails

The below is an excerpt from one of our recent online travel webinars where we were joined by a guest speaker from Japan who happened to be a tourism expert in the Kii Peninsula.

Kumano Kodo is an ancient network of pilgrimage trails located in Kii Mountain Range, south to Osaka in Kansai area. The numerous paths roam through Mie, Nara and Wakayama prefectures, from the bottom of mountain forests to the Pacific Coast, to end in Kumano Sanzan area where the three great Shinto shrines are to be found.

These hiking trails have been used for over 1000 years and have changed little down the ages and have been very well preserved. As such the facilities along the hiking route are great and the paths well maintained.

The views afforded from various vantage points along this hike offer spectacular vista’s like this one over a cloud covered forest.

The kuma kodo is one of only two pilgrim walking routes with UNESCO protected status,

One of the highlights along the hike is viewing nachi waterfalls from behind this pagoda perched on the edge of the steep slopes.

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