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‘Japan Discovered’ Online Travel Talk

Andrew and Mizuki-San run through in detail the highlights of our no.1 best-selling small group tour and show you the experiences that may await you. At the very least, it should provide some escapism for those who want to travel but still can’t! 😉  Darina gives an update on the reopening of the international travel market to Japan and briefly discusses things people need to consider in a post-Covid travel booking landscape.

The 2-week tour offers continual highlights as you journey deep into Japanese glittering neon cities, relaxing rural towns & villages, see living history & heritage, fabulous gardens & wildlife, vibrant local festivals, try various cultural experiences, and of course delight in an abundance of delicious Japanese food and unique local delicacies.

Our “Japan Discovered” two-week tour is running 14 times before the end of 2022, so it’s likely we’ll have a date to suit your best travel timeframe!

Meet our Panelists:

Guest Speaker: Andrew Clarke, Unique Japan Tours

Andrew has spent over 8 years living and traveling in Japan and has been producing content for Unique Japan Tours for several years. In 2018 he accompanied our best-selling small group tour Japan Discovered with several video cameras to create our tour video and thus has first-hand experience of all aspects of the “Japan Discovered” tour.

Andrew Clarke, Travel Content Creator

Guest Speaker: Mizuki Kamakura, Unique Japan Tours

Mizuki-san knows the Japan Discovered tour inside and out, as she has sells, books and coordinates this best selling tour from our head office in Dublin. She will give an overview of some of the highlights on the tour and add insights from her experience working in the Japan travel industry.

Mizuki Kamakura – Japan Travel Consultant

Guest Speaker: Darina Slattery, Founder and Managing Director of Unique Japan Tours

Few people know the travel trade to Japan better than Darina. She will give us an up-to-date report on the Covid situation in Japan and how this is affecting future travel to Japan. She will outline travel booking tips and advice in the context of Covid 19 and she will also outline Unique Japan Tour’s updated (more flexible) booking terms and conditions which aims to greatly reduce any financial risk related to Covid.

Darina Slattery, Founder & CEO of Unique Japan Tours