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Located in the Bandai-Asahi National Park, Goshiki-numa is a cluster of five volcanic lakes situated at the foot of Mount Bandai in Fukushima prefecture. Goshiki-numa formed when the Volcano Mount Bandai erupted on July 15, 1888, destroying dozens of villages while creating hundreds of lakes.

The eruption imparted mineral deposits to the Five Colored Lakes giving each of them its own delicate color, ranging from reddish-green to cobalt blue. The colors of each lake mysteriously fluctuate throughout the year with the weather. The different minerals and pH levels give the waters a number of striking colors. The weather and time of day provide even greater variation to these shades.

There are approximately 30 marshes and lakes in total. The walking trail is a quintessential Japanese tourist spot and offers stunningly beautiful views of all five lakes along the 4km walking path from Lake Bishamon (the largest of the five lakes) to Lake Hibara. Colorful carp inhabit the waters of Bishamon; a large colorful lake with multi-colored koi fish. Rent a rowboat to experience the lake close up and feed the carp from the boat.